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Pro11 Football Academy is an elite sports coaching provider in Oman for boys and girls aged from 4 to 16 years old. We also act as an ‘Education Provider’ in the field of health and fitness, delivering an education programme designed to promote a healthy lifestyle that students can transfer into other aspects of life.


Our expertise comes from our background of being ex-professional footballers who represented teams across the English Football Leagues. Peter Mountford played for various clubs before becoming an established football coach in England. He has worked at professional football clubs, coaching at all levels including Foundation Stage, Under 9's and right the way through to the 1st team. He has coached many players, some of whom now play in the English Premier League.


Pro11 have accredited UEFA and F.A. coaches up to A licence level. In addition to this we have also worked extensively at grassroots level delivering P.E. and football sessions to schools up and down the UK.


We want to use our vast professional game experience in the English Football League as players and coaches to pass on as much knowledge as possible and give young players a professional experience of football. 

The Pro11 Way


The ‘Pro11 Way’ is a coaching model linked to the English FA ‘4 corners’. The aim is to give young players a rounded football education, developing each student's love for the game and challenging them physically and mentally in a fun, exciting and engaging way. This approach allows us to focus on both the individual and group needs of the players, enabling us to maximise their potential over an extended period of time.


Our innovative coaching methods have been developed to provide a world class programme that creates an holistic approach. This improves skill, technique and transferable skills for other sports. It also develops confidence that can be transferred to all aspects of a player's life through the value of participation and the growing self-belief and esteem from personal and team based achievements.


Education Services


We currently have three active workshops available here in Oman, these are; 


Bodywork - Health and Fitness workshop educating young people on the importance of making correct choices and having balance in what we eat, the effects exercise has on the body and the positive outcomes from leading a healthy balanced life. 


Fitness Fun - is our newest programme that specialises in core skills and exercises that develop agility, balance and co-ordination. They are essential to helping young people develop life skills that are transferable and aid living a healthy balanced lifestyle.


Futsal Fitness - is our programme used as a tool to inspire and get young people moving. This is a great way for young people to have fun exercising to traditional South American music and connecting with the origins of this wonderful game.


The workshops are filled with fun activities designed to challenge all participants. We not only look at the physical attributes needed but there is also a big aspect of building social skills needed in today's world.


We encourage teamwork and collaboration, providing an opportunity for children to develop friendships outside of their class and their year groups and a place to shine. They ignite a passion for healthy competition whilst creating a strong sense of belonging and community between our students and staff.

"When you pick up a football for the first time, you can only imagine what lies ahead. It becomes a part of you and will follow you in all you do. It may make you or it may break you, but ultimately it will define you as a person. If you learn to love it, it will always love you back"


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Pro11 Academy - You're in the best hands

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