Shangri La Inset day 28th October 2018-8

Al Sahwa Schools Inset Day at Al Mazaar

 On the 28th of October 2018 the Pro11 Football Academy took a very excited group of children from the Al Sahwa Schools After School Club to a special day out at Al Mazaar!


Lots of fun and lots of games were the order of the day as the children were able to enjoy football games in the Soccer Box, drawings in the Art Room and climbing walls, trampolines and sponge balls in the Spring Box! 

The children had a fantastic time under the watchful eye of the Pro11 Team who ensured that laughter was literally bouncing off the walls throughout the Al Mazaar Edutainment area!

The children, and the Pro11 Coaches, expended enough energy during all the activities to send a rocket to the moon, but when a child comes up to you and says that 'this was the best day of their life' and that 'they did not want to go home' then the day can only have been a great success!