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Al Sahwa After School Club Cup Final 2017

At the end of their first block of After School sessions in November, the students at Al Sahwa Schools took part it what was an exciting and very entertaining Cup Final.

The culmination of several weeks of football competition, the Cup Final was battled out between the Blue Team and the Orange team, with the Green Team and the rest of the After School Club members cheering on from the sidelines.

It was a tight match overall with few chances for either team but in the end it was the Blue Team who ran out as 2-0 winners.

Parents, too, came down to watch the spectacle and after a thrilling game there was a medal presentation for all the players and the lifting of the Cup by the victorious Blue team!

With the Champion's League music playing in the background, party poppers going off everywhere and a fantastic atmosphere, it was a truly marvelous day of football!



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