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Pro 11 Challenge - Avenues Mall 2017

Do you fancy yourself as a sharp-shooter with a football?


Those that did went down to the Avenues Mall every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in March to see if they could rack up the highest score by shooting to earn the most points!


The Pro11 Challenge proved to be a great success at the Oman Avenues Mall. Hundreds of eager youngsters aimed a ball at a target in the hope of scoring more times than anyone else! It needed a good eye, composure and a good striking foot (perhaps even a little bit of luck!) to slip the football through some target holes from 20 yards but the Pro11 coaches were pleasantly surprised by just how many budding young stars managed to do just that!

There were lots of great prizes on offer, including signed footballs and a free trial at our Centre of Excellence Academy in Seeb, and, of course, the coveted title and trophy to the winner!


The month long event was a real crowd-pleaser and no doubt the Pro11 team will hold a similar event in the very near future.

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