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Pocari Sweat Sponsorship

The Pro11 Football Academy are proud to announce the continued support and sponsorship from Pocari Sweat, the leading brand in sports drinks in Oman.

Pocari Sweat is a drink which supplies water and electrolytes lost through perspiration. It is absorbed more quickly than water as it contains both electrolytes and sugars that help to accelerate fluid movement. It is able to re-hydrate your body quickly and effectively because it has an electrolyte composition similar to your body fluid.

Before, during and after a good training session there is nothing better than a drink of Pocari Sweat to re-fuel your body. Pocari Sweat is highly recommended as a drink for such activities as sports, physical labour, after a hot bath, and even as an eye-opener in the morning!

Pocari Sweat - More Than Just Water

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