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Oman Spartan Race, Jebel Sifah, 15/16 November 2019

The Spartan Arabia races have been growing in popularity over the last few years and this year saw another sensational event hosted at the Jebel Sifah beach resort in Oman.

Taking part were Coach Daniel and Coach Loz, both Coaches hoping to prove that football is not the only talent that they have! The Spartan races require a unique combination of strength, speed and stamina, as well as a massive amount of pure grit and determination!

Coach Daniel, a veteran of the Spartan Race circuit, was up first on the Friday, competing in the 21 km Beast run. This really is not for the faint-hearted and with 31 gruelling obstacles to navigate it is a real test of your physical condition. However, Daniel is as fit as they come and he completed the course in an impressive 2:44:52, placing him 2nd in his age group (35-39). A fantastic achievement!


The next day saw Daniel lining up against Coach Loz in the 13 km Super Race. Loz was competing in his first ever Spartan Race and he was keen to try and do himself justice. This time there were 26 obstacles standing in their way and it was Daniel who set the pace, finishing in 1st place in his age group (35-39) with a superb time of 1:37:53. Coach Loz didn't let the Pro11 side down either, finishing in 2nd place in his age group (50-54) in a decent time of 2:01:45. Had he not had to endure over 60 penalty burpees he may even have taken 1st place but perhaps he will have to wait until next year for that!

Still, it was a great weekend of blood, sweat and tears and well done to Daniel and Loz for proving that Pro11 are about more than just football. They both showed that by leading a healthy lifestyle and looking after yourself age is just a number and if you apply yourself properly there is nothing you cannot achieve!

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